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SousLePont are characterised by their unusual instrumentation (trombone, xylophone & accordion) and their original repertoire which is mainly written for couple dances, but it doesn't end there!
The musical arrangements galvanise interactions amongst dancers and are pefectly suited for dance workshops.
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Mazurka 'Léo' live at Moira Utrecht(NL), april 3 2016
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Raphaël André, le village 05300 Éourres, FRANCE
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New CD march 2015

Recorded and mixed at Studios La Buissonne by Nicolas Baillard and Gérard de Haro between december 2014 and march 2015.
Graphism : Rob Taylor

First Album, April 2012:

Recorded at Orléans november 2011
Rec and mix : Aurélien Claranbaux
Mastering : Xpand Studio
Graphism : Rob Taylor

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This work by SousLePont is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 International License.
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Hosted by the 3 members of the trio, this workshop aims to deepen the waltz dance at 3, 5, 8, 11 beats. Pulsation, Measure and Carrure will be approached by listening and singing. We will discuss Posture, Rotation, Guidance, Trajectory & Traffic on the track. Using all of these elements, we will attempt to translate the musical intentions of our compositions into dance.

WORKSHOP: Zwiefache:

The Zwiefacher is a southern German folk dance with a quick tempo and changing beat patterns.


COUPLE DANCES: 3, 5, 8, 11 times Waltzes, Zwiefache(s), Mazurkas, 5-times-mazurka, Scottishs, Polkas.
OTHER TRADITIONNAL DANCES: Bal limousine, Rondeau, Bourrée trois temps, Gavotte de... Grenoble, Circassian circle, Chapelloise,



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